Crystal Doty, Mentor

Crystal developed this mentorship in 2013 after a decade of working with people as an angel intuitive, nutritionist, and life coach. She noticed there were certain areas in her clients lives that when cultivated and managed, seemed to set them right on track for their life's purpose. She spent the first year testing the mentorship to see what kinds of results her clients would get. After making adjustments to the Six Week's system, she made an official launch and has been making a huge difference in people's lives ever since. 

Crystal believes in the concept of mentoring as she has been mentored herself by several highly sought after people. She knows the blessings and benefits of allowing others to assist her through her blocks and fears so that she can continue to grow and flourish in ways she couldn't by herself. Crystal has also had not so great experiences with mentors and so she understands the value of showing up, being honest, and really truly caring about the people who enter her program. She acknowledges that not every mentor is for everyone, and so that is why she highly suggests you get to know her through following her on social media, signing up for her VIP list, and taking the test on the home page to make sure you are a good fit. A brief phone call can also be initiated if you would like to chat with her before signing up.

Working with Crystal is a fun, entertaining, and magical experience. People describe her as non judging, articulate, trustworthy, authentic, genuine, and funny. She is able to use her intuitive skills to add to her mentoring abilities to give you insight, encouragement, and an out of the box angelic perspective. To learn more about her and her story, visit her website at 

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